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We aim to stop public funds siphoning off and we have a plan that will help.

Why Open Spending?

Digital Restoration EcoSystem for Accountable Management (DREAM)


Published date

03 Jul, 2023

Digital Restoration EcoSystem for Accountable Management (DREAM) collects, organizes and publishes open data across all stages of reconstruction projects in real time, implementing the highest standards of transparency, and accountability. Anyone, anywhere, can monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of project delivery, and use these insights to mitigate risks, conduct accurate reporting and improve overall project performance. Quite an inspiration for the EU!

DREAM is a state digital ecosystem that provides a single digital pipeline for all reconstruction projects. Communities can create projects, present them to international partners to attract financial resources and manage the construction process. Ecosystem implements the highest integrity, accountability, efficiency, and transparency standards in Ukraine's recovery to build trust between the government, citizens, businesses, and financial institutions.

DREAM allows anyone, anywhere, to monitor project performance and efficiency and use this information to mitigate risks, create accurate reporting, and improve the quality of projects overall.