Coalition for open, fair, and accountable public spending in the EU

We aim to stop public funds siphoning off and we have a plan that will help.

Why Open Spending?


The latest resources includes tools, evidence and best practices on the transparency of public spending

RRF transparency self-assessment tool

The purpose of the evaluation is to check whether Member States had decided to introduce and implement a framework for transparency in the spending of RRF funds. We are interested in two ways of spend…
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The collection of evidence on open spending

Openness in procurement can improve procurement in multiple ways, including more integrity, efficiency, level playing field, etc. Find a list of available evidence below: Open procurement improves pub…
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Best Practices

RRF spending data available in Italy

Two years after the launch of the Italian Recovery Plan (PNRR) and countless calls for transparency, it is now possible to access the information contained in the monitoring system of the Ministr…
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