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What New Things Are Our Members Doing? Update for September.


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12 Oct, 2023

Welcome to our monthly review of our members' activities. What did they do over the summer and in September? You will find the answer below.

Access Info Europe has issued a refreshed transparency priorities to mark International Right to Know Day. It pays particular attention to open data and the right balance between the right to privacy and transparency. 

Funky Citizens presented an interesting report on budget credibility in the area of education. I think it will be of interest to anyone concerned with budget transparency and the possibilities of budget analysis.

K-Monitor posted a very interesting piece on their blog about non-transparent spending on various types of agencies and entities where Viktor Orban's partisans sit. A good example of how it is possible (but of course I am not encouraging you to do so) to hide state spending.

Congratulation to colleagues at Transparency International Portugal, on the publication of the Transparency Magazine. This periodic publication will describe various issues concerning transparency in public life.  

Three of our members (Government Transparency Institute, Transparency International Lithuania and Monithon) have won EU funding for a project about monitoring public procurement. Here is a brief but informative description of the project.

The Open Contracting Partnership is engaged in numerous projects around the Green Public Procurement. If you are also interested in the topic get in touch with Karolis Granickas

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