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Why Open Spending?

RRF transparency self-assessment tool


Published date

24 May, 2023

The purpose of the evaluation is to check whether Member States had decided to introduce and implement a framework for transparency in the spending of RRF funds. We are interested in two ways of spending public funds: through public procurement and on the basis of grants/calls for proposals.

The methodology consists of two main parts:

  • What information is published – this section focuses on the content of the information and what exactly is being released to the public.
  • How information is published – this section focuses on the format and accessibility of RRF spending information, such as whether the information is all published on a central portal and whether it is in open data format (e.g. csv., xml., xlsx.).
  • See and use the tool

For more information on the methodology, please contact:

The tool is a part of the "ARBAC-19: Adaptive, Risk-Based Approaches to Anti-Corruption in Covid-19 Responses" initiative implemented by TI Lithuania.