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Corruption Cost Tracker


Published date

12 Jun, 2023

The Corruption Cost Tracker enables policymakers and stakeholders to address corruption risks in public procurement. It is an interactive online tool, with dashboards for Corruption Risk Analysis, Spending Analysis, Efficiency Gains, and Policy Scenarios.

The Corruption Cost Tracker (CCT) builds on large microeconomic data on public procurement contracts to develop aggregated and synthetic indicators of vulnerabilities to corruption and their cost.1 These indicators are important particularly for policymakers and stakeholders because the synthetic information in the CCT can

(1) enable them to identify corruption risks and the potential effects of these risks in terms of higher prices paid by national budgets and

(2) serve as a guide for anticorruption reforms: first, we focus on corruption risks and not actual instances of corruption; second, although we cover some of these risks (in how they affect relative prices), other factors exist (that may or may not be related to corruption) and are not covered by indicators.

The CCT contains six tabs:

  • Country selector page
  • Corruption risk mapping tab
  • Procurement spending analysis dashboard
  • Efficiency gains overview
  • COVID-19-related goods
  • Policy scenarios dashboard

The tool can be found here together with notes on its methodology