Coalition for open, fair, and accountable public spending in the EU

We aim to stop public funds siphoning off and we have a plan that will help.

Why Open Spending?


The latest resources includes tools, evidence and best practices on the transparency of public spending

iMonitor. Empowering citizens in monitoring public contracts.

What is iMonitor? The iMonitor project empowers citizens to actively engage in monitoring public contracts, contributing to transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption efforts locally. We introd…
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How Open is Public Procurement Data in the EU? Coalition’s new study.

Public procurement counts for 14% of the EU’s GDP. Businesses, especially SMEs,seek lower barriers to participation, governments need more efficiency, and citizens want the best services, works, and…
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Best Practices

Tracking corruption in procurement. Best practice from Atlatszo

Hungarian-based Atlatszo has prepared an interesting analysis based on public procurement data. Thanks to this they brought the evidence that there is one company winning almost every bid they entered…
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