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Open data best practices in Europe : Estonia, Slovenia and Ukraine


Published date

15 Mar, 2023

The content of this report is based on both in-depth interviews with representatives of the national open data teams and their original responses to the extensive questionnaire that was filled out at the time of the Open Data Maturity assessment of 2021. This report starts with some advice from the three countries. The following chapters discuss the open data practices of Estonia, Slovenia, and Ukraine, respectively. Afterwards a country comparison analysis is performed, and conclusions are drawn. 

All three countries show some similarities and differences in their approach but prove that there are multiple ways to success. What stands out is that all three countries have a clear open data policy and strategy including a concrete and realistic action plan. All countries focus on establishing a large and enthusiastic open data community consisting of both data providers as well as data re-users. This, in combination with a continuously revised and updated national open data portal taking into account user feedback and user statistics, allows for these three countries to create impact – economic, social, political, or environmental – by appropriately re-using open data.